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Gregg DaCosta


Also known as Greggory DaCosta, was born and currently reside in Long Island, New York. At the young age of 12, he lost his grandmother, one of the biggest inspirations in his life on December 25th, 2002 to breast cancer. Two things disappeared that day, the joy of Christmas and the woman who taught him to #StayGrinding.  It is because of her why he is now a man of resilience, as he has continued to have a mindset to not quit anything he starts. Gregg knew he had stories and had a gift of story telling at a very early age.  It wasn't until High School that he truly started following his calling and began taking classes in pursuit of his dream of working in theater. With that passion and determination, he was never easily discouraged.   Even though he is mainly self taught, he has won several awards and this is only the beginning!

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